Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who was the real black dahlia and why did they call her that?

She was Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Short murdered in 1947.

She was named The Black Dahlia after her death, from the current movie of the time The Blue Dahlia.

Who was the real black dahlia and why did they call her that?
I think she is a girl who got raped before she was murdered..
Reply:Elizabeth Short and there will soon be a movie released about her. I" ve forgotten the whole story .
Reply:elizabeth short......killer never found, she was cut in half, and she liked to where dahlia's in her hair. theres a great artical on yahoo home page
Reply:her real name was elizabeth short and they called her the black dahlia because she was always wearing black.
Reply:She was killed in the mid 40's in CA. Dismembered so the story goes. Killer(s) never captured.
Reply:Happened out here, still havn't figured it out. b4 my time. Try the political section
Reply:That very topic is on the yahoo! home page. Look there.
Reply:This was a extremely beautiful woman that was viciously murdered. They never found her killer, but there were many leads

and the detectives did not give up. They thought that they may have questioned the real killer but had no evidence. There was

a old black and white movie or documentary on this story and I

though Lucille Balls daughter played the part of the Black Dahlia

in a tv movie . They say that this woman died a horrific death.

I think I read that this lady was born with a deformity where she

could not have full sex and of course in those days they did not

have the surgeries that they have today that would have given her

a normal sex life.I read about her years ago, I do not know what

year this all happened .What a sad thing to happen to this lady.
Reply:Got to the yahoo opening page, check under featured : They've got an interesting video segment on her death, which will answer your questions.
Reply:The unable to have sex thing is completley wrong. It's one of the many rumours surrounding her death, that were completley flase, invented to make it more interesting.

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